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Referrals for Parents and Institutions Updated Jan 25, 2020
Is Magfi Safe for My Children and Institutions?

For Parents;

Hello Parents! Magfi always prioritizes privacy and security. While your children have fun with a unique experience at Magfi, we always keep content that can harm them hidden. For example, we do not introduce any sexual group against our young friends under the age of 18. They cannot find and see the categories of these groups in the Categories section. Unless they specifically search in the application; they cannot find any group that will affect children's mental, psychological and physical health. Thanks to Magfi's advanced filtering system, our children can find millions of groups such as educational groups, fun play groups, school groups, science groups and art groups that they can contribute to their own development. Our children are our present, not our future. Therefore, their development is important from all kinds of facts. You can let your children use Magfi with peace of mind. But there are some points you should pay attention to.

  • After the children enter the groups of their choice, the control of our children and the contents of the groups leave the control of Magfi. At this point, families are responsible for the topics discussed in the group and any other content. Magfi cannot and does not interfere with the content of any group.
  • It is the families' responsibility to find out the names of our children, sexual groups, etc. Magfi does not recommend or show these groups without searching.

For Institutions;

We are excitedly working and waiting for MagfiGroups, the new feature of Magfi. Once this feature is released, institutions/organizations and companies can now securely correspond.

You can safely use Magfi!.

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