By Magfi Team / Jan 20, 2020

What are WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups and messaging apps groups?

Along with the digitalized world, communication has also become digital. Each of us definitely uses a messaging app every day (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messanger, Disord, Snapchat, Slack, Instagram, Twitter, weChat ...).

We are sure that each of us has tens and even hundreds of groups. We realize most of today by messaging in these messaging groups.

These messaging groups can be set up for many purposes. Sports groups, university groups, student groups, stock market groups, lesson groups ...

So what do you do when inviting your friends to these messaging groups?

You are using Group Links. You throw your group links specially prepared for each application and for each messaging group to your friends or share them on your social media.

In this article, we will talk about WhatsApp group links, Telegram group links, Discord group links and many more.

In Magfi, you can find WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, Discord groups and many more messaging groups without any group links.

So what is this Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram group links?

Group links are special links that you use to share your group with another person. Each group has a separate link. Someone accessing these group links can enter your group directly when they click on it.

To reach WhatsApp Group link;

To reach Telegram Group Link or Telegram Channel link;

To reach Discord Group Link or Discord Channel Link or Discord Server link;

To reach the Snapchat Group link;

To reach the Facebook Messanger Group link;

In this way, you can easily share groups in all messaging applications. Add your group link to Magfi and reach hundreds of millions of people!

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