By Magfi Team / Jan 20, 2020

Community Suggestions For You! / Personalization

A magical algorithm that cares about everyone and shows only the groups you care about: Magfi Personalization Algorithm.

So, What is Magfi Personalization Algorithm?

Magfi Personalization Algorithm is an artificial intelligence system that will enable you to find a piece of yourself from 7 to 70, regardless of profession or culture.

When you enter Magfi, you will see 5 different sections on the main page. These sections are respectively;

  1. Categories
  2. Highlights
  3. Special for you
  4. Most Popular Groups
  5. Most Current Groups

Now, let's go through these sections. First, "Categories" ...

Categories are hundreds of interest topics in Magfi. From the art category to the stock market category; There are hundreds of categories from the university category to the news category. On the main page, there are five categories containing the most current topics we have prepared for you. If you wish, you can see more by swiping the categories to the right or you can see the whole by pressing the "see all" option.

Highlights, in this section you will see groups according to your interests. If you want people with the same interest to see your group on their homepage, you can highlight your group.

There are three different categories in the Special section for you. These;

There are 9 groups in each of these three categories. Every 24 hours, we are presenting those great groups that you are interested in, addressing your name.

You can see dozens of popular groups listed side by side in the Most Popular Groups section. Don't worry, these groups are ranked according to your interests. By swiping up the screen, you can refresh the home page and have the groups change.

In the Most Updated Groups section, you can see the latest and updated groups added to Magfi, which we prepared within the scope of your interests. By swiping up the screen, you can refresh the home page and have the groups change.

You can download and start using Magfi for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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