By Magfi Team / Jan 20, 2020

Join a Group

It is very easy to find and join a group that suits you in Magfi, which is the meeting point of millions of groups in hundreds of categories.

There are two ways to find groups in Magfi.

  1. Millions of groups we have prepared for you, on the homepage and in the discovery
  2. Millions of groups you can find using the advanced search engine

Let's open up these titles a little more. Here is the first way;

There are many titles on Magfi's homepage, such as categories, highlights, special for you, most popular groups, newest groups.

Under these headings, there are personalized groups we have prepared for you. You can learn these topics in more detail from our Personalization blog post. Select one of these groups we have prepared for you and click on it. There are two options in the section that opens after clicking.

  1. Join Group
  2. Review

By tapping the "Join Group" button, you can directly belong to the group of your choice and start making friends with the same interests as you.

To get more information about the group and to score a group, you can get a more detailed view by tapping the "Review" button.

Advanced Search Engine

The second way is the Magfi advanced search engine, which you can use to search for a specific group. You can find it by typing the name of the group you have in mind on the search engine. Thanks to the "search filling" feature in Magfi, Magfi will help you even if you don't remember the name of the group. So you can easily find the desired result among millions of groups.

It is that easy to join groups in Magfi!

You can download and start using Magfi for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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