By Magfi Team / Jan 20, 2020

How to add groups to Magfi?

Adding a group to Magfi is just a matter of 10 seconds. How does? Let's tell you how to add a group to Magfi.

When you log in to Magfi, there are feature buttons at the bottom of the application. The "+" button in the middle is a magic sign that will bring your community to millions of people. So why?

When you click on this section, a screen opens where you can enter information about your group. This compartment has two stages. Firstly;

  • Selecting the category of your group that millions are interested in
  • Then, you need to login to the application where the group you want to add is available, copy, and paste the invitation link.
  • Let's open up these two options a little more.

    In the first box, you need to check which category you want the group you want to add to Magfi. Don't worry, Magfi already has hundreds of interests. You will definitely find a category that suits your group :)

    If you say my group is addressing a unique area of ​​interest, we will respond to your request within 24 hours if you send us an e-mail at [email protected]

    In short, you have to choose a category where people can find you first.

    In the second box;

    You need to enter your invitation link in your group where people can be included.

    “Invitation links” are special links that allow other people to enter your group.

    You can easily get these links through the application you created your group. If you don't know how to get the invitation links, you can read our article ***. In short, in this section, you need to copy the link specific to your group and paste it into the relevant box in Magfi.

    After completing the first episode, now it is the second stage. Do not worry, the second stage is much easier than you think because we have already filled the boxes for you :)

    In the second stage;

    • Group Title
    • Group Description
    • Hide / Open Content

    sections are automatically filled magically with the information we receive from your invitation link. If you are wondering how we do this, our engineers work hard for you and develop excellent technologies :) If you wish, you can delete the profile photo, title and description of the group and replace it with other articles you want. Even your group's profile photo!

    It is that simple to add a group to Magfi :)